After a year in development and testing Stealth bring you BlackBox.

Stealth BlackBox allows you to program any advance ignition curve into your existing distributor fitted to your classic car.

With different Carbs, Cams, Manifolds, Filters, Exhaust systems no two engines are the same and with original distributor advance curves no longer being suitable for unleaded fuels, It's likely safe to say you are not getting the most from your motor.

Now that's all changed. It is now possible like never before to have a distributor that exactly matches your car at a price thats kind to your pocket.
Just making one adjustment to a mechanical advance could be hours of work, often with random results. Now with total accuracy it can be done via a laptop and a USB cable. Like modern ignition systems adjustments can be made in seconds, and all this can be hidden from view leaving a totally original look.

BlackBox features :
A built in fully adjustable Rev Limiter 2000 -10,000 revs
Suitable for 2,4 , 6 and 8 Cyl
Electronically adjust initial timing by up to 9 degrees via laptop, no need to adjust distributor with timing light.
BlackBox has the unique feature that allows you to plot your own dwell curve, reduce dwell at low revs to cure overheating coils and save fuel, increase at high revs for maximum coil output.

Requires :
Any distributor fitted with a AccuSpark or similar module ( Aldon, Pertronix and Powerspark )
Mechanical advance in distributor needs to be locked out .
Computer XP, Vista , Windows 7




Actual screen shot