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Modern Ignition for Classic Cars

AccuSpark Help Pages

Fitting AccuSpark Module Negative Earth.  
Fault Finding  
Fitting AccuSpark Module Positive Earth  
Fitting Rev-limiter  
AccuSpark Timing Lights  
Dynamator Positive Earth  
Sparkrite SX4000.  
Sparkrite Green Coil  
Black Box II Fitting Instructions  
Identifying Your Distributor
Ford Distributors   Coming soon
Lucas Distributors   Coming soon
Bosch Distributors   Coming soon


AccuSpark Help and Information Videos

Fitting AccuSpark to MGB 1972 Tuning twin carbs with Gunson ColorTune How to Build a Test Rig

Spark Testers in action
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AccuSpark triple ground plugs
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How to use the AccuSpark P8000
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