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Modern Ignition for Classic Cars

AccuSpark Red Rotor Arms

A little more expensive than a standard rotor the AccuSparkTM red rotor comes with a number of benefits that we will guarantee for 3 years

Originally developed and designed by Distributor Doctor the red rotor is modelled on a original Lucas design.

The red rotor features a moulded brass inlay that does away with the troublesome rivet used on most versions which is a known weak spot, this can allow the spark to short down to the centre shaft in distributor.

Improved insulation properties make the rotor ideal for use with high voltage ignition systems.

The revised spring clip on the underside, in conjunction with better internal tolerances assure a really snug fit, even on old mountings.





AccuSpark Rotor Arms


Red Rotor for all Lucas DM2 and 25D4 Distributors £4.95
Red Rotor for all Lucas DM6 , 22D6 and 25D 6 Cylinder Distributors £5.95
Red Rotor for all Lucas 45D 59D4 Distributors
4 and 6 cyl
Red Rotor
For Delco 4 and 6
cyl Distributors
Red Rotor for all Lucas 25D4 CLOCKWISE Distributors £4.95
Red Rotor for all Lucas 35DV8
MGB , Stag , Rover , TVR etc
Red Rotor for Ford Fomoco 4 and 6 cyl engines
Pre crossflow / crossflow and Pinto
Red Rotor for 4 cyl Bosch , VW , Ford etc
Not Suitable for Factory electronic distributors


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